Monday, September 5, 2016

Harbour Round

Harbour Round is true to its name – a community wrapped around a surprisingly round harbour.  A narrow entrance provides access to the open ocean.

Welcome to Harbour RoundHard to see from the picture, but the harbour IS round
Houses lie in clusters around the harbour and into the protective hills.  It’s clear that fishing was a big part of this town, as there are fishing sheds, stages, and boats everywhere you look.

Love the signs they have along this coastPretty little town
Motorboat lies waiting
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I guess this is why they were sometimes called "tilts"?
Beautiful harbour
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Many fish have been processed here
Waiting for fishing
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Near the entrance to the town, there’s a lookout atop a short climb up a set of steps (warning: watch for splinters).  From here you can see most or all of the town and the harbour and access a walking trail to explore the area even more.  There are picnic tables available on the lookout, and it would be an incredibly beautiful place to sit and have lunch while enjoying the view.

Short climb to the lookoutPicnic area atop the lookout
View of the left side of the harbour from lookoutAnother view from the lookout

A peaceful town, it’s a lovely place to spend some time relaxing.  We didn’t get to do the trail, so if you have, please let us know what you found in Harbour Round.

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